Data App

A DynamoDB compatible UI for NoSQL data.

    📦 Standard Features

  • Create & edit rows
  • Create & manage tables
  • Inspect & save queries


  • SQL-like queries with PartiQL
  • Caching, predictive loading
  • Import, export queries & data

    🔒 P2P Features

  • Peer-To-Peer Replication
  • Performance Instruments


  • Network Instruments

How it works



In the query editor, you can type dynamo-db queries like hash = 'release' or PartiQL queries like select * from releases.


Editing Rows

You can edit rows by clicking on the row in the table. The row editor is a tree that allows you to change the values and the types of a record.



You can create query filters by clicking on a row header. This makes it really easy to create highly complex queries with very little effort.


Inspecting Queries

Not only can you export data, but you can also export queries. The query inspector provides access to the low level JSON that is used to execute the search. These parameters can be passed directly to the aws-sdk DynamoDB client.