Hello, World

— Written by heapwolf

The problem

"Infrastructure As A Service" platforms like AWS aren’t just difficult — they're expensive, massively complex, operationally opaque, and their incumbent behavior poses many kinds of risks.

Furthermore, there are now orders of magnitude more hardware outside of data centers than in all data centers combined. This new wealth of hardware remains unrealized potential.

The solution

Cloud computing needs to advance beyond the data center, toward a "public commons of infrastructure", where web developers can create distributed apps that leverage this new wealth of hardware reliably, reducing cost and complexity.


In the "Infrastructure as a Commons" model, costs and responsibilities are unobtrusively shared.

The user shares the cost simply by purchasing their device, paying their ISP to connect, and using software. The user shares responsibility because some data and compute can be co-hosted or replicated.

In this model, DevOps knowledge is less of a barrier to creating a scalable product. When two peers establish a socket, there is no backend to reconcile. Scaling load balancers, running compute instances, managing gateways, and large consolidated databases all become optional.

We're making this model a reality in two phases. First, with a suite of apps that make today's cloud computing platforms easy for Web developers. These are currently in alpha. They're performance oriented apps, focused on a providing a superlative user experience with a clear information hierarchy, and real-time collaboration. We will be announcing more features for these apps in the future, specfically around the distribued web.

The second phase is to provide the framework that we built our apps with, the Operator Framework. It allows us to build native mobile and desktop apps using the web stack. We expose low level networking primitives directly to JavaScript so that you can bring your favorite p2p libraries. We're in the process of open sourcing it (as F/LOSS), first to early adopters for feedback and then to everyone. So if you're interested in providing detailed feedback come join us in our discord channel or connect directly by following us on Twitter.

Paolo, Dominic, Joe & Jake.

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