File Sharing With Files App

— Written by heapwolf

What is Operator Files?

Operator Files is the easiest way to deploy static assets like images, CSS and HTML. Just create a folder, drop your files in it, and you’ll instantly have enterprise-grade file hosting, backed by Amazon S3.

Just like other Operator apps, Files makes you more productive by choosing sensible default settings, and progressively disclosing features only as you need them. That way you can focus on creating content instead of managing it.

The Operator Files App can help you configure a domain, set up DNS, permissions, invalidate your CDN, and more. These features are available where you would expect them — the main menu, context menus , and the properties panel.

File Sharing

A bucket is often used as the source for a CDN that serves a website. But what about sharing from a private bucket?

First, we added the ability to get a single shareable link by right-clicking on a file. This copies the link to your clipboard. These simple links will expire after 15 minutes.

But we also wanted the ability to share entire buckets or folders with varying expiration times. For this, just right-click on a folder or bucket in the tree or table and a share dialog will open.

After sharing, you’ll get a secure URL, something like…. This page will display your title, description, and a hierarchy of your files. and folders.

Then if the share is set to expire, the files will no longer be listed!

Operator tools are currently in private beta, to get early access to the download, join us in discord or follow us on twitter.

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